Scenery EP

by White Knife Study

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released June 15, 2018

Produced, mixed & mastered by Casey Bates
Written by White Knife Study


all rights reserved



White Knife Study Portland, Oregon

We are a Portland, Oregon based, synth-driven band, comprised of 5 friends from Alaska. WKS was a chance to explore new styles and a genre that we had all listened to and loved.Drawing inspiration from acts like The National, Death Cab for Cutie, CHVRCHES, Portugal. The Man, Moderns, The Faint and Phantogram, we’re hoping to ignite the grey area between synth-based Electro and Indie Rock. ... more

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Track Name: Alex
Firecrackers in the living room.We couldn't hear them we were too consumed. You were screaming that you wanted out. I was screaming that I needed help. Read what I wrote when I loved you most.

Someday you'll be,under white hot reverie.
someone will be your cult level ministry. meant what I wrote when I said i love you most. I meant what I wrote when I said I love you most.

A cigarette burns just outside. The back porch where we let things slide. You were screaming that you wanted out.I was screaming that I needed help. Read what I wrote when I loved you most.

hold onto you somehow.let go of the howl in my head
Track Name: Marie
Sweet Marie,always looking for company. Got some stories about yourself,you been dying to tell anyone else.

You've done no crime. A little time for you to love someone else. A shame would be to put the collar back up and save it all for yourself. I write the songs,10 tracks at a time and only I can sing on this.

Sweet Marie, roll on the floor, scream some more. Put on your big black boots and blow a kiss to all the kids.

Get a hotel room in LA and bath in yourself like you always do
Track Name: Brooke
Little black book in the window. The truck is running outside. A little pill under the pillow. The
matchbook is just to the right. Forgot to feed the cat again. Oh shit

Ive been scrubbing a long long time, to get the scent of you off my blinds. I've been killing the day all night, squeezing limes, get the mixture just right. Brooke likes, she sees, she bought a
dime with a friend and went halfsies.

A loss of time in the afternoon. Half done projects in a haze. Smoking on the porch for the 10th
time today. A long drag in the cold just to feel ok. Forgot to bring the mail inside again. Oh shit.
Track Name: Scenery
Are you comfortable living alone. That's what people say when they own two lives And they've drug their feet for half a decade. I only wanted you for the conversation. A silent drive on a cold night.

Scenery, sweetie, I'm loving the change of direction. I only question the loss of all affection. The tiny bites on my side. Like Captain Smith about to collide.

What's your likeness. What's your name. Bad intentions are just the same. What's your likeness. What's the game. Half cooked sentiment hall of fame. When your moods get that flow. It's best to let it go. Like watching falling snow

I took a steam. Watched the news. I Ran a mile. Ran my hands through my beard. Stared in the mirror. Concluded there's nothing left to see. Closed the door on this one.This is fun. This is fine
Track Name: Erica
Color in the light. Cold feelings of hot water nights.

Dim light on my wall. Squeezed through the blinds. Spun the night in to day. I'm wide awake when the alarm clicks. I'm wide awake when it all comes down on me.

In your room. Some sunday. Love will make you pay your way. In a church. With a bow. love will make you pay your way.

Tired light on my sheets. Rolled through the blinds. Carved the night in to day. Carve my tongue out for the stupid shit I say.
Track Name: Brooke ( Instrumental )

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